Individually, our consultants have experience working with and in the largest consulting companies and Fortune 500 organizations.  We have worked as project leads on multi-million dollar projects across a number of diverse and exciting industries.  Our goal is to bring this expertise on a retail scale to organizations such as yours.

Edward Wong


Edward has over 15 years of experience working in the consulting industry for large organizations.  He has worked as a manager for Accenture and has more recently worked as a senior solution architect for IBM, where he was in charge of the design and management of the most challenging business solutions for corporate clients.  

His passion has always been working on small and fast paced projects that deliver significant business benefit.  He particularly enjoys working with a variety of business types and solving issues specific to their needs.

Edward is an expert in almost all areas of the IT project lifecycle - from business analysis, process improvement, technical architecture, solution design, application build, application test, project management and project deployment.  In simple terms, he has all of your IT needs covered.

Karen Dwyer


Karen has helped organizations, large and small, navigate their way through change for over ten years. Working as a consultant with Accenture, Karen helped clients manage the change journey across a number of industries, from airlines and energy to fast moving consumer goods and metals and plastics. She also held an important role in helping lead the change effort with the National Health Service (NHS) in London, on one of the largest national programs for IT across the globe.

Karen specializes in communications and training, and managing stakeholders to help the organization get to where they need to go. She also  helps clients identify how they could have done change better. Karen's greatest interest is helping people minimize the stress associated with change.