Welcome! This is a very exciting day for us. The launch of a new website for our small business.  You may well know the feeling. Its thrilling to see everything finally come together, but terrifying when it comes to launch time!  

We want to keep it informal. Why? Because who, in small business, has time to wade through pages of detailed info or long articles? And informal and friendly is who we are. We work hard, and give professional results, but working in a relaxed way allows us to get more done. That's one thing we've learnt about starting our own small business. But that's what works for us. What works for you? Here, over the coming months, we'll share some of the trials and tribulations of running a small business. Our goal is to help small business with their IT needs, and that involves sharing our experiences along the way.

One of the things we find interesting in meeting other business owners is their story on how the business was formed. Was it on the back of a cocktail napkin and just one of those "lightbulb" moments? Or did it involve years of thought and refinement? Many years ago, we came up with the business idea for Pacific One Solutions. We were working and living in Australia and building a new house at the time. During the construction, we hired countless contractors and tradespeople to help complete our new family home. And it was frustrating! Most of the tradespeople were great at their trade, but had little or no IT or process to help organize their workload. Getting one to show up at your site at the right time was near impossible. Getting one to give you a quote was a challenge with many follow up phone calls.  We just couldn't understand it - why would a small business not want to prioritise new business? We eventually realized that they wanted new business, but had no easy way (nor the time) to keep track of it all. The businesses that did have some technology were those often helped by a family friend with a bit of IT knowledge. We knew we had to create a way to help.

Over the years, we also became fascinated with the variety of issues that small businesses face. Our realtor friends face challenges very specific to their industry, compared to some others we know in trade, for example. Small retailers online are challenged differently to those in a shopfront. All small business have issues of varying complexities. Our message is, you are not alone. Years later and after significant planning, Pacific One Solutions has been created to help solve some of those issues with you.  

We hope we can help your small business. Give us a call or an email for a free initial consultation, and let's talk. We'd love to know how your business started, and what dreams you have for it in the future.  

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